We have been fascinated. For a long time. Fascinated by leaders, rebels, the ones that inspire, change, move things forward, speak out and stand out. The Icons, Warriors. We have been fascinated by their origins, language, missions, motivations but above all by their stories and what they have done.
Yes, we have been fascinated and inspired and although no one believed we could, we wanted to follow their paths. Learn from them, innovate and share.
We know the feeling of having that one dream that nobody else can see but you. The one you are ready to risk everything for. We have been there, we failed on the way but always got up. We turned dreams into reality. And we stayed hungry.
Therefore now we are here, for you. As a partner. We are willing to be part of your journey. Hear about your story and express it so that the world can hear. We want you to stand out. We want you to move things forward. We want your success, no matter what it means to you.
We are not an agency. We are #TheKrag.

But do not believe in just words. Go to #Story and find out more about who we are and, most importantly, what we have done.


As we have already proved – we do not just dream – we make things happen.
Whatever we do - we do it with a BIG vision, HUGE determination and with our ENTIRE hearts.
We specialise in:



Creating brand concepts and marketing content

We want to find out about your story and put in shapes the world will fall in love with. Logos, visuals, social media content, photo shoots, video shoots, campaigns and much more.

 Social media management

The tools are out there. Let us create consistent, electrifying content and share it with the world.


We want people to see it, breath it, live it. We are here to help you bring the most unforgettable live experiences for your customers and followers. It is show time.


Let us make sure people read about you. From press releases to reaching out to the most influential editors, publishers, bloggers, journalists. We do it all.


Find you brand heroes and make them part of your story. Let us make that happen.


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#TheLawOfTheRed collection consists of four hand tailored #thekrag shirts, which due to their choice of fabrics, leather finishes and design, have become something more than a classic shirt. using the best quality english mixes of wool and silk, italian leather and the skills of four artisan tailors we strived to create a superior piece of clothing meeting the high demands of the world's most successful, influential and inspirational men. 




#TheBrothers collection is the next chapter in the #TheKrag and Red Hot collaboration. It was inspired by a true friendship and brotherhood of two men - Gwilym Pugh and Tommy Brady- showing the powerful, invincible, yet so reserved and cold bond between two best friends. The collection consists of four tops, one pair of trousers, scarf and pocket square-all hand made using English mixes of will and silk and Italian leather details.





#TheScarf & #ThePocker Square


2 years Before we launched #TheKrag Communications we came out with #TheKrag for the very first time. That was the 21st February 2015 at Somerset House during London Fashion Week and no one, including ourselves knew how fast things were going to happen…

We wanted to shock, stand out and show the world what #TheKrag means…
But we also wanted to share what we believe in and inspire others. Talk about what fascinates us…

Already from the first months and until now some incredible individuals have joined our movement… The likes of David Gandy, Jay-Z, Anthony Martial, Gerard Butler, Matt Pokora, Natalie Joel, Naomi Isted, Ken Bek, Gwilym Pugh, Hugo Taylor, Christiana Marzine, Arjun Seth, Thomas Knights, Oliver Morris, Tommy Brady, Prince Cassius and many more…

And the day of our first campaign has come. Once again, we did not intend come out unnoticed. We believed and our story and wanted to whole world to know. #TheLawOfTheRed exclusively launched by British GQ and thereafter seen at Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Huffington Post, Attitude and many many more…

After our first campaign, our first fashion movie seemed like a natural step for us. We teamed with Mr Oliver Morris, known from his Vogue Italia editorials)…

We did not stop there. We had another piece of our hard work to come. We told the story of two best friends and called it #TheBrother which once again has been shown to the world first by British GQ and then Vogue, Elle, Huffington Post, 7th Man Magazine. The campaign has been chosen as top 8 of AW16 among names like Roberto Cavalli, DSQUARED, Mr. Burberry or Hunter.

After releasing the campaign #TheKrag decided to also throw a show. #TheShow. On the 13th June 2016 during LCM gathering over 300 fashion, press and show business representatives from around the world...

So yes, we are not coming to you asking for trust and belief. We offer to expertise and support in what we do best. We have done it all – from creating brand concepts, logos, visuals, social media, content marketing, events, campaigns, videos and photo shoots, press coverage, endorsements. We have done it with small budgets, small experience, small belief from others but with HUGE ambitions, HUGE aspirations, HUGE determination and even BIGGER dreams to fulfil. And now we are ready to do the same for you. We cannot wait to hear your story.

We are #TheKrag.



Launch of #TheKrag Communications

16.03.2017 QPXLDN

collaboration with Predella House

#TheShow of #TheKrag

13.06.2016 TheCuckoo Club