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#TheLawOfTheRed collection consists of four hand tailored #thekrag shirts, which due to their choice of fabrics, leather finishes and design, have become something more than a classic shirt. using the best quality english mixes of wool and silk, italian leather and the skills of four artisan tailors we strived to create a superior piece of clothing meeting the high demands of the world's most successful, influential and inspirational men. 




#TheBrothers collection is the next chapter in the #TheKrag and Red Hot collaboration. It was inspired by a true friendship and brotherhood of two men - Gwilym Pugh and Tommy Brady- showing the powerful, invincible, yet so reserved and cold bond between two best friends. The collection consists of four tops, one pair of trousers, scarf and pocket square-all hand made using English mixes of will and silk and Italian leather details.





#TheScarf & #ThePocker Square